SoundCloud for Artists

This is SoundCloud for Artists.

Introducing our all in one platform to help artists accelerate careers and become what's Next in music.

SoundCloud makes it easy to share your music and get discovered.

Not by just anyone, but an audience and community of 150 million plus tastemakers…the day one early adopters that come to SoundCloud to discover and launch the careers of artists like Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Lil Nas X and beyond.

Get paid fairly for your music.

Our revolutionary new fan-powered model is a more equitable and transparent approach that pays artists directly based on top fans' listening habits.

“It's such a simple idea. (As a fan) your monthly fees get split up between the songs (and artists) you actually listen to.“ RAC, artist and producer.

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Access playlist opportunities, increase your streams and reach new fans.

SoundCloud for Artists is the only platform that allows you to submit your tracks for national airplay via SoundCloud Radio on SiriusXM. Start pitching now to get your tracks in the hands of DSP playlist editors, A&R execs, brands, music supervisors and more.

Distributions Platforms

Distribute your music to Spotify, Apple, TikTok, and more.

SoundCloud is the only streaming platform that also amplifies the global reach of your releases as a distributor to all major streaming platforms and social networks.

Distributions Platforms
Pote Baby

“My earliest supporter was right hand man since day one”

Pote Baby
First on SoundCloud Class of '22 Artist

Know who your top fans are and message them directly.

SoundCloud is the only streaming platform that allows you to easily identify your top fans based on their listening and engagement habits that support your music, and message them directly via desktop or mobile.

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Build your profile and share your brand.

Tell your story and let listeners fall in love with you by using our expanded profile tools. Build your brand and express yourself to give fans more insight into who you are and what moves you. Repost and pin your favorite tracks in Spotlight, create playlists with commentary, host AMAs, and send text and audio messages to your top fans.

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Get feedback on your tracks to perfect your sound.

Only on SoundCloud can fans directly give feedback to your tracks. Send private links and post tracks for select groups of listeners only. Then get their feedback directly, make edits to your track, and replace the file without losing any stats.

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On SoundCloud, your streams and fans are worth more.

We believe that what’s next isn’t determined by algorithms and gatekeepers, but that the true path toward a long and successful career is best achieved by cultivating deep fan relationships and community.

We’re driving the evolution of what streaming should be, and what it needs to be to create a more equitable and exciting future for ALL artists.

Become a member of something much bigger than any other streaming platform or distributor can offer- a movement and community of artists, producers, and songwriters who are the driving force that continues to push what’s Next.

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